Purchasing on King Rox

Are there any additional charges levied by King Rox?

We do not levy any charges apart from what is shown on the check-out page. Please check with your bank/credit card provider for any payment processing or transaction fees that they may charge.

Is there any VAT charged?

All purchases on King Rox come with a 5% VAT for users from UAE as per local regulations. This is displayed on the check-out page before making the payment.

What are the available payment methods?

You can pay using any credit/debit card that can transact online or you can pay via PayPal, BTC, Visa Card, Master Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Master Wallet.

Can I cancel my placed order and get refund for it?

All orders placed on King Rox are final and cannot be cancelled/modified after they are placed. There will be no refund for any order place on King Rox. If you find any damage in the product you can contact us and if there is a genuine defect in the product, we will send you the replacement of that.

What is KYC?

KYC stands for “Know Your Customer” and it is the process of identifying and verifying the customer’s identity.

Is KYC Verification mandatory for buyers?

Yes, KYC verification is mandatory for buyers in order to withdraw the amount earned through Earn Money Program (EMP).Also, if you convert winning prize to equivalent cash you will require KYC to withdraw money.

What is Group Ticket?

In group ticket, if one member of the group wins, each and every participant of the group will be rewarded. Group ticket has its own unique advantage.

How can I find offline sellers?

You can find the list of offline sellers on our Contact Us page.

What is seller code and what advantage do I get from it?

Seller code is a code referred to you by the seller. You can get sellers from our Contact Us page to obtain a referral code. You will get a 3% discount on purchase which will be valid for 3 months if you sign up using the referral code.

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