Raffle Tickets

Can I select the number of the ticket I want?

Yes, before you add the product to cart, you can select the exact number and series of raffle tickets that you want from the available choices.

How many tickets can I buy?

With every product that you purchase, you geta free raffle ticket for the draw associated with it. But make sure a buyer can get a maximum of 15 free raffle tickets. For example,if a buyer purchases more than 15 products i.e., 20, 30, etc., still he will get 15 free raffle tickets only. If still you want to add more raffle tickets, you will have to place a new order.

How is the free raffle tickets delivered?

The Free Raffle Tickets are sent to you via email. You can also check all your available Raffle Tickets under ‘My Account’--> ‘My Raffle Order’.

Can someone else collect the prize on my behalf?

No, only the person whose name is on the Raffle Ticket and has a valid government ID to prove their identity will be able to claim the prize.

If I get a free raffle ticket, is it haram or halal?

Do you wonder if getting a free raffle ticket is haram or halal? So, according to Abu Dhabi Fatwa Center, if you purchase a product and get free raffle ticket it is halal.

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