King Rox Prize Draws

When is king Rox draws held?

Once all the available products in a campaign are sold out, the date for the prize-draw associated with the campaign is announced.

Where can I watch live-draw?

All King Rox draws are streamed live over Facebook and YouTube, VK and more. You will receive the exact date, time and broadcast link of the event as well.

How can I be sure that the draw being streamed is live?

The presenter at the draw will have a screen behind them, which will display the comments that the users enter during the draw in real-time.

How do I know my ticket is a part of the draw?

We always stream the draw live, so you can see us printing the tickets live and put them in the raffle box. With this you can make sure that whether your ticket is a part of the draw or not.

What if there is an issue with the live-stream?

If there is some issue with the live-broadcast and viewers are not able to see it, the draw will be paused and resumed only when we are back live with the stream.

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