Collecting your King Rox Prize

How will I know if I have won?

All draws are streamed live over Facebook, YouTube, VK, and more and King Rox also contacts the winners with details of how to collect their prize. Also, if you are an online buyer you can check by signing in your account if you have won a ticket, by checking notification bell.

What do I need to collect my prize?

  • Original PDF of the Raffle Ticket
  • ID Proof having the same details like those on the Raffle Ticket
  • KYC-verified account

How much time do I have to collect my prize?

You must collect your prize within 180 days from the date of the announcement.

Can I get the cash-equivalent of my prize?

For certain categories, such as the Finest Surprise Bike, Finest Surprise Car, Lifestyle Series, etc., you have the choice to take the cash equivalent of the prize instead. This cash-equivalent value is mentioned on the campaign page and is final. This amount will be deposited to the winner’s King Rox wallet and can be withdrawn to a bank account.

How can I get my winning prize or cash?

If you want to have the winning prize, then you can choose the delivery of the prize at your address and if you choose cash equivalent, then you will get the cash into your wallet. You can withdraw the money after completing the KYC.

I have an issue with withdrawing my payment, how can I contact with King Rox support staff?

If you face any issue while withdrawing your money or collecting prize, you can raise a ticket where you can discuss issues related to payment or prize. This goes same for both seller and buyer on King Rox.

Can I see the latest winners list?

Yes, you can see the latest list of winners on our Winners and Result page in detail.

Can I contact the winners on King Rox?

You will be able to see the social media accounts of the winners on our Winners and result page. You can contact our winners through their social media account.

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