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How can we make shopping more rewarding for our customers? What can we do to provide customers with a true value for money experience?

In our quest to answer these 2 questions, King Rox was born. We not only give the best quality products to our customers, but we also give them a chance to win huge prizes. This gives a whole new meaning to 'value for money' purchases.


The King Rox Story-
Our History and Origin

We, the founders of King Rox, had always been fascinated by raffle draws and how they worked. However, after years of researching them, we realized that things were not often the way they seemed and these draws were not as honest with their buyers as they should have been.

Thus, to provide customers with a transparent and honest service, we took up the mission of starting King Rox. Since the first day, we had been clear on one thing i.e., providing our customers with the best quality products and a service that they can trust.

We have spent the last few years just researching different draws and customer reactions to them. This has helped us devise a raffle ticket and draw system that customers can trust without a doubt- one that we back by a $100,000 guarantee.

The King Rox that you see now is the result of years of research, trust-building, and a simple promise to always uphold our values in every venture that we work on. Read the King Rox Mission to learn more about what drives us.

King Rox Mission

With King Rox, every purchase increases your chances of winning a life-changing prize. There are a few values that are core to our business and that we always uphold.


Real live draws and bumper prizes

All our draws are broadcasted live. Your comments over Facebook are also broadcasted on a screen behind the presenter so you can be sure that what you are watching is the real live stream. At King Rox, our customer's trust is our biggest asset and we do everything possible to earn it.


We want you to become a millionaire

We have a variety of bumper prizes- from cash prizes to bikes, cars, gold, the latest electronics gadgets, and more. At King Rox, our mission is to help you realize your dreams and win the biggest prizes.


Free complimentary tickets with our products

All our products come with free complimentary tickets. Thus, with high-quality merchandise and apparel, you also get a chance to become a millionaire at no extra cost!


Our commitment to charity

While helping you win big prizes, we also want to uphold our commitment to charity. During checkout, you have the option to either deliver the product to yourself or donate it to our charity.


Our $100,000 guarantee

Think something is not the way we promised? If you can find any proof of fraud in our draw and prizing system, we will pay you $100,000.

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