Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

The King Rox Affiliate Program is your guaranteed way for consistent savings. Join our
affiliate program to earn 8% commission on every sale for 30 days.

Why should you join the King Rox affiliate program?

King Rox is a genuine company with a transparent raffle ticket and prize-winning process. We offer real prizes and products to our customers. This makes our affiliate program one of the highest paying and steady sources of income. Need we say anymore? Here are a few other reasons why our partners love the King Rox Affiliate Program-

  • The most rewarding raffle ticket affiliate program.
  • Guaranteed earnings for genuine purchases- no lucky draws or any other conditions.
  • King Rox provides genuine service and products to its customers- increasing your chances of driving sales through visitors.
  • User-friendly website with genuine offers and winnings, making it easier for you to convert visitors into paying customers.
  • Affiliate earnings paid out in 60 days.
  • Consistent commissions, no hidden fees, and no deductions.
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Become an affiliate

How can you become a King Rox affiliate?

Joining the King Rox affiliate program is simple thanks to our affiliate network Awin. All you have to do is sign up on and search for King Rox on there. Awin will then generate your unique Affiliate URLs that you can use for promoting our products and raffle draws to earn 30% commission for each sale!


Commission Structure

We pay 8% commission on every sale for 30 days. This means that for every new customer that you drive via your affiliate link, you get a 8% commission on their purchases for the first 30 days.Please note that only paid purchases attract a commission and not free raffles.

Terms and Conditions

King Rox has a strict policy around PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. Except in case of a written agreement between the affiliate partner and King Rox, no affiliate partner can bid on any of the following keywords for paid ads on any platform:

  • * Brand: King Rox, KingRox, or any other variation of the name,
  • * Extended brand: Misspellings such as KingR0x, King R0x, etc.

To avoid any broad matching cases, affiliates should ensure that King Rox is added as a negative keyword in any PPC activity. The trademark of King Rox should not be used in any activity, title, or URLs. Avoid using ‘Official’ and ‘™’ in your ads.

No affiliate is permitted to run a website using their own King Rox account. Affiliate links are only meant for earning commissions on other users’ sales. Any user who uses their affiliate links for earning commissions on personal transactions on King Rox will face termination of their accounts and their affiliate programme.

Email Policy

Affiliates may not send out unsolicited communication (‘Spam’) as partners of this affiliate program. Partners are required to take approval from King Rox before sending out any email communication to their database.

Content Policy

Affiliates should ensure that their content, posts, and website do not in any way plagiarize or copy King Rox. Failure to comply with these conditions can lead to termination of their Affiliate account.

Contact Details

In case of any queries, do reach out to the King Rox team. Our details are mentioned below:

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