The King Rox Website (Operated by King Rox) uses cookies along with other tracking technologies for the following purposes:

  • To provide users with a more personalized browning experience
  • Help the website to run more efficiently
  • Keep you updated with the latest on King Rox even after you have navigated through the website
  • Help us learn our customers’ browsing experiences
  • Improve the website experience for all our customers
What are cookies?

Cookies enable us and our 3rd party partners to store certain information on your device and its web-browser that allows us to monitor and track certain activities on our website.

Most cookies:

  • 1. Expire at the end of your session, allowing us to associate all your activity together for a single session. These are known as ‘Session Cookies’.
  • 2. May be stored on your browser between different sessions, allowing us to save your preferences, settings, purchases, and actions for future visits. Such cookies expire after a specific time or are removed when you delete your browser data. These are known as Persistent Cookies.
  • 3. Be set by King Rox, known as ‘First Party Cookies’.
  • 4. Be set by 3rd parties, also known as 3rd Party Cookies.

Please note that King Rox does not use any cookies or technology that are not necessary for the running of our website without user consent.

You can also modify your cookie preferences or change your existing preferences any time you want. The steps to do this are detailed ahead.

Why are cookies important? Why should I allow King Rox to store cookies?

Cookies are important for allowing a variety of functions on the website. A few examples of some activities that are made possible due to cookies include:

  • Logging in on the King Rox Website
  • Saving products in your shopping cart
  • Retaining your website preferences
  • Keeping you logged when you close the session and start a new one
  • Providing you a personalized browsing experience
How can I change my cookie preferences or remove permissions for storing any cookies on my device?

You can manage cookie preferences and block some/all cookies through the Privacy and Content settings on your browser. For Google Chrome, these settings are available under Privacy and Security -->Cookies and Site Data.

What type of cookies does King Rox use?

The following table details the type of cookies that King Rox uses and its purpose.

Type Purpose
Strictly necessary Strictly necessary cookies are important for the functioning of our website and its basic capabilities, such as logins, using the shopping cart, etc.
Analytical/ Performance These cookies allow us to count and identify the number of visitors, see how visitors browse and use the King Rox website, any errors that they face, etc. This allows us to monitor the effective and smooth functioning of our website.
Functionality These cookies allow us to identify you when you come back to our website. Personalizing your browsing experience, removing the need to login every time, saving your shopping cart, etc. are done by these cookies.
Targeting These cookies record your visit to our website, including the links you click and pages visited. This helps us to provide you with targeted and relevant ads. If you provide your consent, these details are also shared with our 3rd parties.
Re-targeting These cookies record the same details as above, but are used to display King Rox ads once you leave the website. They are only stored if you have provided your consent.