For how long will be a campaign available? When do new campaigns start?

There is no time-limit on King Rox campaigns. Once all the available quantity of a product in the specific campaign is sold out, campaign is not available anymore. The new campaign begins shortly after an existing campaign end.

Will the products and campaign categories expand?

We are always working on bringing the best products and prizes for you. New campaigns are always updated with the latest prizes and we will continue to bring new exciting campaigns for you.

Is my chosen product on hold after I add it to my cart?

The free Raffle Tickets are on-hold for 10 minutes after you make the selection and add a product to your cart. You must make the payment and complete the purchase within that time; else the tickets and product become available to other customers for purchase.

Does King Rox campaign have a Start and End date?

Every campaign on King Rox hasa starting date but there is no ending date for the campaign. Once all the products get sold out in the campaign, the campaign ends.

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